How You Can Help

Here are a few ideas for how you can help:


            • Pick up some McDonalds or Burger King gift cards and drop them off at LINC to help the needy with meals.
            • Purchase BOGO (buy one, ¬†get one free) of non-food items from the grocery store and bring the free ones to the LINC office for the Home Essentials pantry.
            • Make up a batch of laundry detergent and bring it by the LINC Resource Center. (Click here for the recipe.)
            • Make some Breakfast Bags (BB’s). Stuff some zip lock sandwich bags with a granola bar, fruit cup, juice box, a spoon and a napkin, and bring them by the LINC office.
            • Donate items that food stamps cannot buy to the Home Essentials Closet or bring them by the LINC Resource Center.
            • As you clean out your closets and drawers, donate kitchen items, dishes and such to the Kitchen-set up ministry by bringing them to the LINC Resource Center.
            • As you travel, save the travel samples of soap, shampoo and conditioner and donate them to LINC.
            • Become a monthly or one time donor of your finances by clicking below

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              Please visit these links to learn more:

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            • Donate
            • Gap Ministries
            • Volunteer